Causes of Pelvic Pain
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Clinical Evaluation of Pelvic Pain

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Dr Eric Daiter has tremendous experience in the diagnosis and treatment of persistent pelvic pain. If you are not getting effective care for your pelvic pain, Dr Eric Daiter is happy to help you (in the office or on the telephone). It is easy, just call us at 908 226 0250 to set up an appointment (leave a message with your name and number if we are unable to get to the phone and someone will call you back).


"I always try to be available for my patients since I do understand the pain and frustration associated with fertility problems or endometriosis."


"I understand that the economy is very tough and insurance companies do not cover a lot of the services that might help you. I always try to minimize your out of pocket cost while encouraging the most successful and effective treatments available."

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The major function of the gastrointestinal system is to digest and absorb nutrients while food moves mechanically from the mouth to the large intestine (where non-absorbable waste is stored for elimination). When this processing of food is interrupted then significant problems and abdominal pain may develop.

This section focuses on problems of the gastrointestinal system that may result in chronic pelvic pain, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other disorders of the gastrointestinal system.







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